Customer service is the top priority of Kaida, we focus on present and looking forward to future.
Quick Response:The Integrated Service Dep. takes Customer Service Dep. And PMC Dep. as the main parts, connecting with Purchasing Dep. as supports, establish a rapid customer response system to make sure every customer demand can be met without any delay.
Technical Support: Kaida has a professional R&D team, by continuous market investigation and customer communication, they always provide best suggestion for customer’s packaging requests, and make progress together with customers.
Consultant Service: Kaida Group has a great sales team that cooperates with R&D and technical department to give customers suggestions and packaging solutions.

Domestic Business

Address: Wuli Science and Technology Industrial Park, Jinjiang Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China

International Business

Contact:Miss Li, Miss Fan
Phone:+86-595-36202307 / 36202275