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The impact of falling raw materials on the flexible packaging industry

Time: 2018/5/10 11:59:39View: 3752 Burst:
Some time ago, raw materials continued to decline, and prices are slowly picking up. This has a great impact on the plastics flexible packaging industry. In particular, the prices of CPP and PE in the market are relatively turbulent. We will be cautious when purchasing related materials. This will cause the situation in the production process to be interrupted and unable to be delivered. The impact is still relatively large.

In addition, the plastics flexible packaging industry in the market now needs to reduce prices based on the price of raw materials for better development. As for the ratio of price reduction, it needs to be calculated based on the prices of raw materials and related labor costs. In fact, this situation will eventually lead to a decrease in the profits of the plastic flexible packaging industry during the development process. It is indeed better for companies to better understand the market conditions in order to better develop in the future.

In view of this situation, companies should make assessments based on market forecasts and their own development, and design appropriate solutions or measures in order to solve the existing problems. The overall impact of the problem is indeed more, in the development process more attention should be paid to their own corporate development; timely adjustments based on market conditions can protect the company's rapid profitability.